Sunday, 22 August 2010

deckchair makeover

So..still on the subject of camping (come on the weekend!!) I acquired a pair of these from my mamma's garage clear-out.
A bit of measuring and stitching with some of my left-over ikea upholstery weight fabric...
...and da-daa!! Good as new deckchairs for brightening up our camping space!
I didn't have enough of any material to make two the same...but it's probably better that way with a bit of mix-and-match!
There really isn't much of a pattern...i basically just bound the edges of the heavy fabric with bias binding and reinforced the seams four times at each point to be sure that they are not going to snap and deposit the unfortunate sitter on the grass! (That still might happen!...i will report back if it does!!)

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