Friday, 27 August 2010

hand-pieced baby ball

I've been dying to do something hand-pieced for quite a while now so decided to do an early baby present for...whoever! The little pentagons were cut in paper and set on a slightly larger piece of material...the edges of the material are then ironed flat, enclosing the can faintly see the inner overlap in the white pentagon in the pic below. Its a good idea to do a couple of rough basting stitches through the material and paper to hold it together at this stage...these will of course be removed at the end. You'll need to do 12 of these to make a ball.
Then sew all the little stiff pentagons in place by hand. Sew at the very edge of the templates and don't enclose the paper in the stitches. Before you stuff the ball, rip out all the basting stitches and pull out all the paper templates. Then stuff and close, and give to the nearest baby!
I also did 2 little quick cross-stich panels to give it a bit more character. Now how easy was that?! I feel a couple more of this things coming on...maybe this time i'll remember to take a photo of the middle stages!

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