Thursday, 20 January 2011

squirrelly forest

So you might remember the squirrelly mittens that I made last year. Well this year i decided that i wanted something to go with them!
A headband seemed like the perfect idea so I just manipulated the simple pattern to draft it into the right shape for a wide stripe. I apologise for the photo...i really should have ironed it before photographing!
It's a lovely easy pattern to do and I find it better than a woolly hat because it warms your ears without overheating your head! lol....although, maybe it's just me who hates that!

Anyway...have a go! It's really easy! To download the pattern and instructions click here.


sloan said...

SO CUTE. We need to have a craft night that you teach me step by step here haha!

eleonora said...

OHH so cute June!Mi mancate! :D

Inger said...

Hiya :) Are your headband double? So you can use them on both sides? I didnt quite get it... norwegian you know!

Carrie Mtn said...

I love your squirrels so much! I am modifying them for a Christmas stocking. I should finish this week. Thanks for the inspiration.