Wednesday, 23 February 2011

how far for the planet??

so i'm super positive about eco-friendly stuff, mainly because i HATE waste of any kind. So a while ago, when i was offered the chance to do a pattern-test of a very environmentally friendly girly product...i jumped at the chance.
I was pretty apprehensive, i must admit, but having carried out a trial run....i must honestly say that i am completely convinced - it feels like such luxury. I wouldn't go back to plastic (unless in certain circumstances where it is absolutely necessary)...horrible scratchy, rustle-y, noisy, sticky plastic.

Get the pattern in Sylvie's store Chez Plum.

Now if you don't know what i'm talking about...feel free to read on by clicking on the text below....i would suggest that it is GIRLS ONLY!!!!

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sloan said...

These are really cool! Would love to try them out.