Tuesday, 22 February 2011

loved up log

so i never did post my valentine present from superD, mainly because it involved a KISSING PICTURE (!!) which i usually completely refuse to have taken, or at the very least hide the evidence of having had it taken. But he commented on the fact that i hadn't put it up....and really, what did i expect? - i did marry an italian after all....so here goes....
He carved out an actual tree trunk...no really! Although it's a cork tree so it's actually suprisingly light!
And he set a picture frame inside and put in a photo taken last summer by my hot italian nephew Dani.
This is my favourite bit, the carved heart...and the arrow!! (oh D, you are hilarious!) - it's so 50s-kitchy-romance!
Thanks D! i it!!

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sloan said...

This is the cutest!!