Monday, 28 February 2011

tattoos to work

so i had to do a web vodcast with work and i wanted something new and interesting to wear. I bought this tattoo print cotton last summer in Germany and have been rationing it because i haven't seen a print as nice since.
I love the contrast of the informal material and the more formal style of a button up shirt with a tie.
The mother heart tattoo is my favourite - so kitch!
And the frilly half-puff sleeves are so much fun.
They are made using the same pattern as the ooh! at the office 3. The body of the shirt is based on the JJ on the Burdastyle website, but i take out a lot of the fullness at the lower back, so that it fits much closer.
And this is it all dressed up and ready for the camera!


Clamaresa said...

simplemente magnifica!!! CONGRATULATIONS you are very creative.. como dije...MAGNIFICA

lyds said...

I hope you wore the waistcoat for the vodcast! That material would distract anybody!!
PS How did it go?

Rosy said...

Great, I do not think there's a blouse so original in many miles around. Great job!

Paula said...

WOwo, you're so creative and talented! Love the shirt