Monday, 28 February 2011

knit dolls for Africa

so my wee mamma loves her little bit of craft too, but she usually does her crafting for good causes, while i tend to do it all for meeeeeee!!! One thing that she makes a lot of (i mean 100's of...) is the little knitting one-piece doll. These are given out to local children who come in contact with missionaries out working in mission hospitals across Africa. I saw for myself how well they are received in Zambia. Toys are scarce there and for those kids in hospital, many days walk from their villages, it can be pretty boring sitting around all day with nothing to play with.

Sorry about the colourless photo....her usual batches are much more fun colours....i might update this photo in the future if she can give me a better pic.
So mamma has very kindly passed on the pattern, which i've attached here, so you can have a go yourself. She can knock out a couple of these dolls in one evening so they are the perfect quick craft!

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lyds said...

My wee babies look well but you're right, the next lot are much brighter and more patterned. Love them all! M xox