Wednesday, 23 February 2011

reindeer ritardo!

So after seeing the previous baby cardy, poog asked me to make a reindeer jumper for "tot" who has yet to be born, but is accumulating a wardrobe already! I should specify that she asked me to make this at christmas and i've just managed to get around to yeah, it's a little out of season....but with all the time spent on the Lady Grey and on making bridesmaid dresses for an upcoming family wedding (shiver of delight) i'm struggling a little to get my traditional 10 posts blogged for this month!
This is the Baby Sophisticate pattern by Linden Heflin again, just with the collar and cuffs done in a different colour and the body blocked using a reindeer pattern that i drafted. Download the reindeer and snowflake design pattern here.
Have a go, it's really quick and easy!! It makes perfect traffic-jam-craft!! (i should add that i only knit in traffic jams when i am a passenger, and not driving..i promise mum!)


lyds said...

Turned out well but looks more like a coat than a cardigan! I'm glad you qualified your comment on traffic-jam craft!! You had me worried! Mxox

LittleMissPoog said...

hahaha - this looks like a baby smoking jacket!!! i LOVE it!! tot is gona rock this cardi, in fact he/she will be wearing it well before christmas i think, but to complete the look I'd better start searching for a baby-sized pipe and slippers...