Thursday, 28 April 2011

cheers to chocolatiering

So superD let me buy a cool little gadget that should come in useful particularly at this time of year! An easter egg machine!!! All you do is melt the chocolate, and pour some into each side of a little mould...then snap the mould shut and place it in this weird contraption.
Then see the little handle?....wind that for 3 minutes while the mould is being twisted through full 360 degrees in all directions (in all planes for the engineers among us)...or you could do that by hand...but for sure it's not quite so magical as winding the neon plastic handle of the ratchet machine of chocolatey wonderment.
Then put in the fridge for 3 hrs, turning each half hour. Then take out of the fridge and leave for 1 minute before popping open your mould.
Look - isn't it cool? I also did a couple of chocolate mini-bears with the left over chocolate. Then pop it right! I gave up the turning-every-30-minutes after the first time so actually this egg is very thin chocolate on one side and totally solid on the other!!! lol
Then get decorating! I got lots of cool little shapes with the kit, like hearts, flowers and butterflies...
...but my favourite has got to be the big bear on the right....cute!!!

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Paula said...

So so so jealous!!! What a wonderful and quirky gadget