Friday, 29 April 2011

wine charms

So with all the lovely wine i've been making coming to fruition, i've started to get down to serving it. This poses a small issue in that i have used old wine bottles which we have diligently emptied and enjoyed (and then washed and sterilised of course) to bottle my homemade varieties, and so the wine label doesn't correspond to what is inside and very often there is nowhere to write clearly on the bottle what fruit was used...i have made a variety of types including blackberry, plum, grape, apple etc. I could stick a big label on them...but that kindof ruins the look in my opinion. So i made bottle charms!
These are little charms made from salt-dough using a cool rolling pin that my mamma has, that is supposed to be used for patterning shortbread. I'll have to make a lot more, now that i know that they work out ok.
I just stuck on the ribbon very messily with hot glue...nobody will see them back will they??! to try them out properly, i'll have to hold a dinner party! yay!

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