Sunday, 17 April 2011

tangerine tartaned toosh

So to go with my new top I decided to make another version of the Jenny skirt, this time in an uber-70s orange tartan pattern wool blend. I love this skirt pattern, the skirts are soo comfy.
True to form i was already getting grumpy with the photo-taking stuff (i'm rubbish at posing for these photos) so i've cut off my grumpy face in this photo as i'm telling SuperD to "stop adjusting the zoom and lighting and take the photo already!!!!"
Instead of the simple slit at the back as per the pattern, i added a back vent using this tutorial, and this one. I also made it quite high as you can see below, which gives a brilliant range of movement for getting in and out of more "riiiiiiip"!!!, which is always a good thing.

One amazing thing that i've noticed is that this material has some magical's like one of those magic-eye pictures where the objects seem vastly enlarged....yep all this to say that this fabric and pattern combine to bestow on the lucky wearer the largest butt on earth...use with caution!!!


tina said...

I LOVE this skirt!
ps, I'm the same way about posing for photos.

eleonora said...

wow!!! molto carina questa gonna, oltre che amo il tipo di kilt(non so se si scrive così)che hai scelto per farla!!!davvero molto bella, complimenti!!! <3 <3

Rosy said...

I am impressed with your skirt, it looks fantastic! I feel uncomfortable posing for pictures only, if my husband is behind the trigger. He can take an eternity to take a picture. I share your sentiment.

Anonymous said...

I so love this. And big butts are all the rage! Great fit, brilliant fabric! :-)