Thursday, 28 April 2011

i love you in lino!

So i did say that i wanted to have a go at lino printing on fabric. For the first stamp i chose something easy to cut. You can see that i'm not that great at the printing stamp fades out at the top and one has a big line through it where i was stamping over a groove in my table!...o well, live and learn!
I'll be printing up some fabric with red paint using this stamp and will be making a pair of shorts for the summer...i just have to decide on the perfect shorts pattern to use.
The lino i used here is a 5mm SOFT lino block and i used the standard carving tools that are available for purchase online. I found the instructions on this cool printing blog really useful for getting started. I did one thing differently though and used dressmaker's carbon paper in white to transfer the design - it was super quick and easy!
o yeah and credit goes to superD who stopped me from cutting out the WRONG WAY ROUND (the text must go backwards to make it stamp properly in order) ... that gets me every time! - will.i.ever.learn????!!!

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