Thursday, 28 April 2011

easter egg basket

Easter crafts of course are on the go at present (or they were last week if i had managed to photograph them in time). This is a really easy paper craft taught to me by the fabulous Pamela who makes lots of great creations: cards, quilts and paintings to name but a few.

Take a square of card (5.5"x5.5"), clip the corners and score fold lines as shown in the pic below. Make 4 cuts to reach the edges of the centre square as shown. Cut yourself a nice long handle piece.
Then fold in the corners like this...and secure with a staple when you're happy with the shape, catching the edges of your handle.
See? Like that. Feel free to decorate as you go!
Then quickly fill with Lindt mini eggs and run like the wind to hide them in your sewing room to give much needed sustenance during those long crafting marathons!

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