Tuesday, 3 February 2009

faith, love, hope and enLIGHTenment!

SuperD decided to make something with a bit of meaning behind it...i can't say i don't know how he feels...it is so fulfilling to express through craft!! ....ahem....anyway, enough of my craft-philosophy and back to the post....

He made a candleholder with a trinity of sides, on a circular plain wooden base, symbolising a triune God and the earth, respectively.

This side symbolises faith, around God as the centre. It's in the shape of a cross as the basis of the faith we possess.

This side is love, heart in the centre with ripples reaching out above. The shape at the base

This side is hope, the spirit of hope in the shape of a butterfly suspended between the earth below, as expressed in egyptian hyroglyphics at the bottom, and the heavens above as expressed by the starry sky.

So when we light the candle we can remember how we too have been enlightened!

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lyds said...

I love it! Super D you're wonderful! er, did I ever say that before? I must be more creative in my praise. Spoon, you do KNOW you're the luckiest person alive!