Tuesday, 3 February 2009

how's the game goin?...it's in the bag!

Firstly, i apologise for the cheesey blog title....it seems i can't help myself!

What does a girl do when she has inherited 2 board games from her Grandma, which have been stored in her mother's attic for so long that the cardboard has disintigrated, but she totally wants to keep them because board games should always be played? They are fun... admit it!!

She makes cool game bags of course! Scrabble needs to be played on a board but Grandma's board had totally given up on life....sooo...i crafted an alternative, which will feature later in the blog when i get time to photograph it, but in the meantime....the tiles and tile racks fit perfectly into this girly game bag.

Same goes for rummy...or rummy-kub as poog likes to call it.
Haha i added a little white heart to it...it seems i am beyond help, i have a compulsive heart-adding addiction

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lyds said...

I must have missed this little item the last time I worked through your blog so I'll just comment now: I'm absolutely bowled over with the loveliness of these two game bags. I think your ideas just seem to mushroom! - whatever next! Go Spoon, you're fantastic!