Tuesday, 10 February 2009

a festive forager! (lol)

Haha...could my post title be any more contrived...i think not!! Thinking of cheesy things to write in the title box could be my favourite part of blogging...hehe!

This is the cake that i made for my piccolo riccio, or "riccino" as i like to call him...aka SuperD

I wasn't going to post this one...i mean the last thing the internet needs is another picture of a hedgehog cake......but he actually disappeared so quickly from the plate that i had forgotten what he looked like and thought he deserved to live on in cyberspace since his life in "house of spoon" was so tragically short! (and tragically delicious...mmmmm!!!)

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lyds said...

This was one hedgehog that St. Twiggywiggles (a hedgehog hospital in England) will never see. I can vouch for his cuteness and his deliciousness because I enjoyed a large slice of his bottom. Mmmm... minty! chocolatey! spongey! Mmmmm!
(Has he any brothers or sisters?)