Tuesday, 3 February 2009

gifted gingerbread

So we were invited to have sunday dinner with a family in our church who we hadn't known much about beforehand....so we didn't like to buy wine, because.....you never do know!

Plus, we're broke and I don't consider buying expensive gifty food a good use of money! So....since they have 3 kids, all of whom seemed pretty creative....I decided to give them a crafty present!

I made gingerbread men and bought a pack of writing icing tubes so they could decorate their own! I made the little tray and heart closure out of an off-cut of card but had real trouble finding cellophane to wrap them in! It seems it is only sold to traders here.

So...i used a new poly-pocket! You know the plastic pockets you put in lever-arch files? The plastic was thick and transparent and perfect for the job! I folded the two corners underneath, secured with a piece of tape. Then gathered the top, folded over and stapled twice through the card heart. Easy!!

Same approach also came in handy when taking a gift to our italian family...only modification was a slightly bigger box!!

What about these for raw creativity??


Gil said...

You are hi-freeking-larious :D

hahahaha, brilliant.
Love you woon - Pill xxx

eleonora said...

my biscuit at right,without an arm,near at that small green it's my!!!I've got do him emo!!!!