Thursday, 5 February 2009

it's a frog's life..

This is almost a post of a retro-craft because i began this little frog about a month ago, (see this frog pattern) when i had decided to get back into crochet but had forgotten how to do it!!! it's true what they say, everything new you learn pushes something else out of your brain...usually in my case that's useless nonsense such as electrochemical principles or "how to change a flat tyre" etc (who needs that knowledge when you have a mobile phone and a husband to call?)

but sometimes it is crucial stuff like craft be warned!

Anyway, i finished him off just recently and i'm glad because he is earning his keep, hard at work keeping my garden pest population under least that's what he tells me......sometimes i begin to doubt him and think that he is actually just slacking off, hanging out in my garden on his favourite stone, telling himself stories while the bugs abound....but when i march outside to read the riot act, i look him right in the eyes and begin to feel sleeeepy.....veeeery sleeeepy......."yesssss yooou're dooooing aaa goooood joooooob mr frooooog, yessss iiii doooo waaaant tooo get yoooou sooome moooore choooocolate biiiscuits"


LittleMissPoog said...

i LOVE him - he will be mine. i shall e/intice him to my garden with the promise of a rock pool/pond all of his own - or to be more specific - the concrete patch below my kitchen window that's flooded as my drain's blocked - oh sounds dreamy!!!

lyds said...

I think Freddy Frog wants to go a-courting! Is there no Miss Frog lurking in the background? If you want a successful pest control you'd better get a Mrs on the job to keep Mr on patrol!! And you never know you might end up with a whole family of pest controllers! I'm sure Sue would provide you with lots of her flooded drainwater for a nursery for all the ensueing tadpoles.