Saturday, 14 February 2009

Super San Valentino!

(Wow this picture came out pretty tiny.....hmmm) WELL, anyway...i hope you had a lovely "Giorno di Valentino"! I certainly did.....SuperD revelled in the opportunity to exploit his culinary expertise with an awesome smoked salmon risotto and I revelled in the opportunity to use the occasion for CRAFT! woohoo!

The hanging heart pockets were made in a matter of seconds from squares of red card (see Martha Stewart for details). The red napkins were stamped up with little kiss-prints (no i did not "ink" my own lips...they're from a stamp kit from tesco) and floating hearts (hand carved). The red crochet hearts, which were really fun to make, were made from this crochet hearts tutorial.

The card was super fun to sew but i will be keeping my eye on it because i've thought of something cool that i could make by re-using those buttons!!! haha!

Hope you had a nice romantic (and crafty) one too!!

love, love LOVE you!!!




lyds said...

It seems to me that you have married Mr St. Valentine himself! I would have been happy with his wee brother but no such luck! However, my Valentine did take me out in my newly fixed motorhome which I really enjoyed, so no complaints!

Gil said...

woooooo - how fancy!! Woon, your photos seriously look like they came out of a magazine. Very impressed by you two - such a creative, crafty, cosy and collectively 'class' couple!
Who bothers as much as you crazy kids?! (I broke my alliteration there but the sound is still there :P) Really though, love the buttons on a card idea - post a photo of the heart dario made you!

xxxxxxxxxx(v-day kisses)xxxxxxxx