Wednesday, 1 April 2009

beaded bug barrier!


It's almost springtime "down the island" which means lots of fun things like: getting out in the garden again, starting to cut the grass again, weeding round my flowerbeds, eating breakfast outside in the mornings, planting vegetables, leaving doors and windows open again.....running round like "a girl possessed" flapping tea towels to chase bugs out of the house again....

..........o no wait a minute.......i HATE doing that last thing!!!

Lucky i had a bucket of wooden beads (from a broken car-seat cover of my dad's...very retro dad!) and a craft shop that sells lovely glittery red cording string.

SuperD drilled holes in a piece of wooden edgeing and mounted it above the door, then tied long chains of beads (that i had lovingly crocheted...10 sc then 1 sc round a bead and repeat......believe me that job might be the very essence of BOREDOM)

SuperD (somewhat unaccountably) left a gap in the centre as he considered it would be easier to "split" and tie back if you could see the centre clearly....fair enough.

See the way that it isn't a perfect straight line at the bottom....this is because of the relaxing in the crochet stitches, some are stretching more than others....SuperD is unfazed by this......he's very european......i, on the other hand, flinch everytime i see makes me cRaZy.......but i'm trying to work through it....shudder

But, it really doesn't tangle as much as i worried that it might do, and when it does, it is surprisingly simple to untangle!

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lyds said...

Very natural and see-through curtain! Practical too - no bugs or flies, must be a winner in my book anyway!
Is your imagination endless?
Good one! Mama xoxo