Wednesday, 1 April 2009

wedge of apple anyone?

hmmm.....what on earth is that used for?? (looks dangerous doesn't it!)

well here it is in action...keeping my back door open in the hurricane gales that batter the island, ok that may be exaggerating just a little but believe me, it gets really irritating getting up and opening it over and over again for it just to drift slowly and inevitably closed again!!!

It looks a little bit too short in this pic but it's actually holding wedged against the "lip" of the door that is hidden in the pic.

i like the little finger notches SuperD carved...and what about the little calligraphy D & J on the even our doorstops are customised!!

life is good!

1 comment:

lyds said...

It looks soo good, I want to take a bite out of it!!
PS I wish I lived in sunny island where I would have to keep the door opened all day!!