Thursday, 30 April 2009

the CLASS slipper!

O look! Some rainbow princess has left a fabulously crafted slipper on the step of the palace of spoon... where can she be?...and why did she leave in such a hurry??
Prince Super D (he will kill me for that) searched high and low across the land to find the fantabulously styled and impossibly beautiful rainbow princess to whom the slipper belonged. While travelling on the remote and verdant island of Magee he found a spoon, who fitted the above description perfectly, and had a chilly right foot. In a magical, sparkly and musical moment Prince Super D gently attempted to try the slipper on the spoon before she pushed him out of the way saying: "o just give it to me, i'll do it myself.....and where's that hideous music coming from? sparkles!!!"
So anyway it fitted perfectly and spoon explained that she had left the palace in a mad panic because one of the ugly sisters (sorry poog...but it fits the story!) had arrived and they had both realised that today was the last day that the legendary local icecream parlour would be serving "cadbury's creme egg icecream" as the flavour of the month, and it was getting pretty near closing time...hence the speed of departure.
Anyway....since we have soooo many hard wood/stone floors in the house of spoon(& SuperD)... i am a big fan of slippers! But i've looked into making shoes before and if you want them to look close to wearable there are quite a few tools you need to acquire....and since craft (to me anyway...hello poog!) is about using materials and stuff that you already have and putting them to better use, i really lost interest in the concept. (Note: I'll buy new supplies for a project but only if i know they could be used for other stuff too!)
So when i saw this slipper tutorial that looked really easy, i was very excited to try it!

I actually used "oven glove wadding" as it was all i had, which made the sides a little thicker and infinitely increased the "difficulty factor"....i actually found them quite awkward to make, but aren't they worth it!!!???

I cut the pattern pieces as noted in the tutorial as they were for my foot size but found that the top piece was too short lengthwise to sew to the base, and i had to add an extra piece to extend round the heel. This was easy enough to do but makes it look a wee bit scruffy on the inside of the heel.

I used a piece of blue suede from an upholstery samples book so i won't slip!

it came to my notice (late last night...hence lack of natural light) that i never showed the other one...i did make a pair, i promise!!


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love the funky slippers!! Suede was a good choice for anon slip sole - I will have to remember that!

Anne said...

June, is there any limit to your talents. Great job and enjoyed the story as well.

Gil said...

hehe rainbow princess you are woonston

they make your feet look extra pretty ;)