Wednesday, 1 April 2009

the world is my curtain hook!

Having completed the bug-barrier to get in the way of bugs trying to get into my house, i discovered another related also did a good job of getting in the way of SuperDs trying to leave the house.....and as he is usually laden with tools etc he ends up sortof twirling and straining to untangle all the beads that wrap round him.....what i'm saying is, it is only a matter of time before he starts snapping the threads, or pulling the whole thing down....a solution was needed!!!

We decided to make "studs" or "hooks" for the wall, to gather the curtain behind when there was likely to be a period of heavy traffic. SuperD carved hemispherical shapes which were so dull that he gave to me for "pimping"

I decided to think BIG and go for the whole world!

I made them using the covered magnet method of gathering the circle at the back face of the hemisphere, making sure the leave a gap in the gathered stitches (off-centre) for the stem to be attached.

I chose two views of earth...can you see little ireland in the first one below??? Hahaha!! it just might not be cut to scale, but it's an important place to me so i don't care!!

And here it is in action!

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lyds said...

Is the world your oyster? no, it's a hook in my kitchen to keep back my bead curtain!!Ha Ha. Looks great! xox
Didn't know your geography was soo good!!