Tuesday, 28 April 2009

quilt with squares, not wonky rhombi

Well...i went to my first craft class!!
It was a lot of fun and about a mile from my house (which was GREAT! especially because after we had all arrived, chatted, had our coffee and were about to begin...i realised that the zipper foot was on my machine and the normal presser foot had been left on the desk in my craft room at home...d'oh!) a 5 min journey and i was back in business.

It is a class that usually quilts, so it was inevitable that quilting would be used somehow....which is great for me because this is where i am super-weak...no accuracy!!!!

But i am delighted my little bag turned out pretty accurate...apparently my lack of accuracy stems from my very lazy approach to material cutting....ie "o that square is a bit wonky, more like a rhombus...never mind, im sure it'll be fine"....it seems that this is a cardinal sin in real quilting. I look at the three quilts that i have made in the past and a lightbulb goes on!

The little bag is reversible and made up of squares on one side and larger pieces on the other. Interfaced pockets are slipped in when quilting the pieces together.
I really should get round to sewing with some other material...if it wasn't so expensive that is!


lyds said...

Can't make up my mind as to which side I prefer! They are both super cool!! I would imagine though that if you are intending to use it in public, be prepared to take orders!! That's for sure!
Keep up the good work, Spoon! Love M.xox

Gil said...

Looks super woon!! I like the wee squares way out best. Is that Pamela's class you were at?

Pill xxx

junespoon said...

yup! it was great fun...although they all had these super-fancy craft supplies and boards and machines and cutters and rulers and..and...

i was like - the poor one who uses scissors and a tape measure!!!