Thursday, 16 April 2009

wrap up in a rainbow!

Well my heart was deeply touched by all the pics of poor lil'pill among the snow of icy germany so i decided to make her a scarf worthy of someone with her Ravebabe/Rob-bob it had to attract attention.
So inspired by this post on crafty crafty i began to crochet this little winter warmer:

(sorry the pic is pretty poor! The scarf is much longer but i let it hang down at the back so that it sat nicely for the photo!) The scarf was worked in rows of double crochet and the clouds are 5 circles worked in single crochet and then sewn together into roughly cloudy-type-shapes.

Only problem that i've finished it she has started posting pics of herself cruising around in riverboats blistering in the sun!!!..... do i send it anyway, or start working on a bikini version?? lol


Gil said...

haha no no! send send! it's um ... brrr freezing here ...! *hides sunglasses and flip flops*

haha - looks fab woon!! xxxx

lyds said...

Gil doesn't fool me for an instant! All the cold weather is right here not where she is, so in that case I'll just make use of that lovely jubbly scarf for her!!
Once again Spoon it's a cracker!!xox

Anne said...

June. Think carefully before you go making wool bikinis - beautiful though they would doubtless be - water has a strange effect on wool!