Monday, 29 June 2009

Crafts at Drumboughil

Well i took a craft workshop at the weekend far away in a really beautiful place called Drumboughil. They have fabulous facilities and a great crafting group...i was so jealous, i would love something like that near me!! They were making crafts using a couple of my patterns from the blog, i was so delighted the way everything turned out!
Crochet tools wrap...and a glasses pouch, what a good idea!!
Most others made a little notebook holder/organiser wrap and their colour choices were really fun!
Everyone improvised with the pockets and added different sizes.
Improvisation and customisation is what craft is all about for me!

This last one wasn't finished when photographed, but it is coming on well!

Some of those quilts in the background were crazy-detailed!! With free-motion quilting in the shape of branches and leaves...WOW I'm impressed!!

It was a really nice group, I really enjoyed the day!
Others made sun visors...
Look at the little icecream on this one!! CUTE!
This is one happy crafter!
What a great excuse for a day of crafting!!


Anne said...

It was a good day June - ta!
Got it finished and have come up with an alternative use which i will e-mail to you. Good job.

Gil said...

Hey well done you! How do you make the visor peak so stiff?
that looks like brilliant fun, hopefully I'll be around for future craft days!!

congrats on the first step towards your new career :P


LittleMissPoog said...

hooray!!! it was so super-fun! loving my little ice-cream! showed it to roscha and she thought i just sewed the motif onto the visor - she couldn't believe i made it!!!! it was a fantastic time! can't wait for our second installment in september! everyone was so friendly. good crafting choices miss!