Thursday, 25 June 2009

nuts for nutcrackers

Well the long-awaited day arrived and i got to see the birthday present that SuperD has been working on in the loft all those nights....and it couldn't have been better.....a NUTCRACKER!! (i am obsessed by these things...i have to try and keep my collection kindof spread around my house so i don't look like a crazy weird obsessive collector)
He's in the full uniform of the Italian Military Police the Carabinieri.
Every single piece is hand carved and shaped (or sewn, in the case of the cape...thanks Mum..he would not have made such a good job of that!)

I can recognise all the little pieces of faux fur and leather and wool and ribbon that have been going missing from my craft room for the last few months!!
Check out the tails on the jacket...SuperD sweated and bled over that (literally!) And little heels on the shoes...cute!
The little belts and buckles are all hand-made. I love the little sword..ha!

Every cord and button was researched to retain historical accuracy! lol Thanks D, you are both insane and talented...i <3 you!

And here he is giving orders already, maybe it's my influence rubbing off on him (the tongue cracks me wonder what to call him....


lyds said...

Perfectimundo! That's what he is, not a suggestion for his name. Have fun deciding that little puzzle! (perhaps Columbo!)
I await your christening impatiently! xox

Gil said...

wow what a masterpiece!! Truly fantastic and unique all at once, what a great birthday present for June!!

love love!

LittleMissPoog said...

Fabdabulous!! Jonny almost wet his pants when he saw it!!! So well made - Dario is a legend!!! What a super-special present! He planned it exactly for you - it is so intricate and groovy, with an appropriate amount of creepy! The perfect balance for any nutcracker!

eleonora said...

ZIO mi complimento con te!!!รจ bellissimo!!!