Wednesday, 17 June 2009

home sweet quilt!

Quilts are hard to photograph!!! seriously...these photos were the best of a bad bunch but hopefully you get the general idea!
I made this quilt a number of years ago when i was a student. Since I was (inevitably) poor, the squares are cut from a curtain material samples book that a friend of my mum gave me. They actually make great quilts because usually the patterns or colours match in some way and.....and well, they're free, what can i say?
I LOVE customisation and the time of making this quilt I was trying to buy a house. It was a deeply frustrating process as I was convinced that I had found my dream house, in my dream area, and I really believed that God had confirmed to me that I would live there...a few days before the handover of the keys it all fell through...
I was disappointed but to be honest I felt more perplexed, because I was convinced that God had told me that I would live fact he continued to confirm it to me even after this, with different verses from the Bible, which I decide to put my faith in and keep believing!!! You'll see those verses embroidered around the edge of the motif...(you see where this is going dont you?!)...well anyway, I just carried on making the quilt and believing that it would come to pass at the right did of course.
The house next door to the original one went on sale a year after and I bought it the same day. It's a perfect mirror image of the first house so all the furniture that i had ordered fitted perfectly, just the other way round!! lol
So here is a close-up of the house-of-spoon (i think it's actually nicer than the first house, but then...i'm biased!!).
The verses that I had been believing in over the year of waiting are embroidered around the house motif...
...and also down the edges, (I ran out of curtain material squares!!)

I think it is a good idea to reflect hard times and good times in the things you make, because they really begin to mean something to you and help you remember what you've my case...HAVE FAITH and HAVE PATIENCE ( still working on this one!)

I've kept it in the hotpress for ages and I just got it out at the weekend as we have one of our italian nephews staying with was nice to remember...maybe I'll use it more often.


lyds said...

I don't know about blood, sweat & tears but I do know about prayer & tears - it has produced something beautiful, practical and valuable! (life lessons learned by experiencing God's hand in your circumstances is so precious, it is priceless!)

Gil said...

Beautiful quilt, and beautiful history to it. It's just like the pattern of a Bible story and you acted like the smart, patient characters that always receive the 'more' blessing in the end.

fantastic job on both things :) great example to follow

love love

LittleMissPoog said...

good job juners!! an inspiration to craft and christian life! i just love how you held onto your promise! that quilt will remind you of God's faithfulness and your experience of his provision for as long as you have it, so don't shut it away in the hot-press or the loft. leave it out so that other can see it and praise God for his love and provision for you!

sloan said...

Love this!!

Sad I missed your nephew up, too. Hope you had a great time!


Anne said...

Hi June
Good quilt. I suggest you bring it with you next Saturday. The group are into quilts in a big way and would love to see it. By the way, if you are due any time off we are holding a craft sale Tue/Wed 10.00am -5.00pm in the centre.