Tuesday, 30 June 2009

scrappy stitched pillow

I think recycling is important and so i have 3 bins in my craft room...1 for paper, one for scrap thread, wool and material (i rarely put material in this one as i try to use every last square inch of my fabric!) and 1 for un-recyclable stuff!
But then...what to use the material scraps for? They don't give an even-fill so they are not much good for soft toys or anything....(while i was considering this problem, i was shifting about in my chair trying to get comfy... wriggle.. wriggle.. hmm.. wriggle.... OOO... a comfy cushion!

Look at the bumpy stuffing! O well my derriere doesn't mind a bit...you see, it's so toned that i don't feel the bumps...ahem....more like i just squidge down over the bumpy bits...it'll be flat pretty soon, believe me!!!
Since noone was going to be seeing it but me, i decided to practise my free-motion applique quilting on the sewing machine....yes well, you can see how well that worked out for me...i think i should attend a class or something...i don't seem to be improving on my own!!!! groan

1 comment:

Gil said...

Really nice woon, and I'm sure it's comfy comfy :)
ps - your free-motion applique quilting is also lovely, don't be hard on yourself! haha