Tuesday, 30 June 2009

fancy pants!

If you were a pair of pants (ie knickers, not trousers from the US) what would you look like?? I had a go expressing our family in "pant-form" and it was super-fun!! I just sewed the fabric onto thin card to keep it stiff for hanging! Quick and easy!

First up is my dad (hence the male Y-fronts lol) He loves surfing and the sea so we went for that theme. Please note, i have no idea what underwear my father wears, but he definitely should wear something like this.

As for my mamma...she was a secretary in a school and we always teased her about what naughty secretary minxish things she should be getting up to. Please note: my mother is actually a saint who lives in a bubble and genuinely didn't understand what we meant by "naughty secretary minxish things"...made it all the more funny!

Then the 3 girls...it was too difficult to stereotype each of us into just one pair...so we chose for a number of things that we love...

...combat style...
...leopard print and cowboys!...(in particular Kid Rock(AAAAAAAAH!) and Travis Tritt)
...disco and peroxide!

Try it yourself...it is sooo much fun!!!


Gil said...

They are so fun to have as decorations, and were done in no time as I remember!
I'd love to have a similar laudry line for our house but theme it on the countries I've been to this year or something, wee lederhosen shaped ones or something! hehe

LittleMissPoog said...

such a smarty-pants (see what i did there!) i just love the wee super-hero panties and mum's wee secretary panties!! how rude!