Tuesday, 30 June 2009

pil's pegs

Well, i needed a washing line to hang my fancy pants on, but i wanted something a bit more fun...lil'pil assured me that she could hook me up with some fantabulous pegs...she wasn't wrong!
They were all painted and then accessorised with random stuff that she found at the bottom of my craft box.
My favourite is the cloud one...i <3 painted clouds!!!

And i love the way there are little pairs of pegs for each pair of pants! Minimalist they are not!!

So they suit their purpose perfectly, hanging all my underwear out with pride!!

This is about the time when my neighbour started getting interested, looking out over his balcony at me.

I think he was a little confused, but seemed genuinely disappointed when i brought them back inside again!! Maybe he was going to request a personalised pair!!


Gil said...

yoooo! They were so much fun to do. That was a good crafting night, me on one side of the den doing pegs, you on the other doing pants! hehe madness.

love love

Christy said...

Funky cool pegs and sassy pants!!

LittleMissPoog said...

coolio pegs - such a good idea and i love short crafts that you can do one or a thousand (if you have the time). really effective and very groovy!