Tuesday, 30 June 2009


This is a pretty generic craft but i just had to reference the really cool tutorial that i used. They are great little pouches and it is really easy to amend to fit whatever you want to store...the great thing about this pouch is the fact that it is fully lined and my heart is so happy by the lack of internal straggly threads and seams.
The tutorial is great because...while it is a pretty simple craft, getting the order of the pieces right when sewing all together is a giant headache...i usually end up with the lining on the outside, or with no gap to turn it through...or the zipper stuck upside down or caught between the lining and outer....aaaaah! i'm getting stressed just thinking about it!!


Gil said...

they must be so handy, any size you want, just like that! I love mine by the way - it's my makeup holder :) very useful!

Annie said...

Thanks for linking to my tutorial! Your pouches are too cute! Actually your whole blog is super cute. Yay! - Annie:-)