Tuesday, 15 September 2009


So we had a young family member to stay...one that LOVES the mighty Metallica!! He has good taste, what can i say?! I wanted to make him something personalised that wasn't too..."kitchy" (While I have a lot of love for kitchy...15yr old italian boys do not!)
...so i made a door plate out of frayed black denim, strengthened with a bit of interfacing, and added a few metal spike studs, with his name in the style of the Metallica signature font...trust me mamma, that's what it is!!

It went down a storm...in fact you could say "it rocked".


Gil said...

That's BRILLIANT!!!! It's just like Metallica's logo... I guess it wouldn't be so obvious in "Gill" since there's no convenient "M" at the start!

awesome. :)

lyds said...

It looks really professional and well drawn. Although the font means absolutely nothing to me other than very jazzy!!
Good one Spoon! xox