Tuesday, 17 November 2009

holiday hangings

I thought i'd post a couple of pics of the quilted wall hangings that i was selling at the christmas craft fair. I was doing the workshops so couldn't (wo)man a stall, and so i just brought a couple of things and sold them from someone else's stall. This one is easier to read in person!!!
I used glittery machine-embroidery thread in the free-motion quilted bit in the middle. It was a bit of headache to work with, my machine kept stripping the thread until it snapped, but it looks really good in the final product...very festive!
I should've given a close-up of this one because the holly fabric is gorgeous!!! It was £1,000,000.00 per metre (or close to that anyway!) so i naturally i only bought half a metre...i'm using it sparingly!!
So my free-motion quilting is getting a little better, but you can still see that it goes off a bit (evidenced by the spikey shape of the line when i realise that i've sewn myself into a dead-end! oops!)

Must try harder!!!


Gil said...

these are really gorgeous, I love how clear the big writing is, it gives a whole different, younger feel to having a tiny quilt on your wall.
ps - your stitching is flawless :) xx

lyds said...

The top green one is my favourite. They are great pictures to decorate any wall, any place in the house. Very festive and I agree with Pil, you're stitching is flawless. xox

LittleMissPoog said...

superb!! so christmassy and cheerful and your freehand sticthing is excellent. you're a marvel at how you can just do whatever you turn your hand to and do it very well!!