Friday, 20 November 2009

party-dressed poog!

So it was poog's birthday and we had a tea party at houseofspoon and i needed themed place-names. Poog is a lover of Disney princesses and orange so what i was going for was an orange Disney princess...logical right??

So i took a photo of poog wearing an orange mean, stuck her head on a picture of an orange balldress and copied and pasted the edges of the dress over and over to make a big semicircle shape. Justify FullThen i cut out round her head and torso and bent the edges of the dress round to join at the back!! Doesn't she look glamourous?!! I then stuck a little name on the front of each skirt so everyone knew where they were sitting!
She also has enviable stomach muscles to be able to hold that poker-straight, leaning-back position...i can feel the muscle-shudder from here!!! lol


Christy said... have the most creative ideas!

eleonora said...

AHAHAHAH!!!!!!che carine!!!sono pronta anche io per il ballo!!!XDXD

Gil said...

these were so cute!!
Loved how Dad thought it was meant to BE him, since his name was on it ... uh no Dad... that's Sue.

hehe xx

lyds said...

You're a proper party detailer. Everything was just lovely and nothing seems to be too much trouble to make things extra special. Thanks for the lovely time. xox

LittleMissPoog said...

hahaha - dad is hilarious!! i loved these wee me-s. such a coolio idea and al i want now is that dress and any tummy muscles whatsoever!