Thursday, 19 November 2009

slipper fiend!

It seems that i can't get enough of the slipper-making!!

Everyone is coming to houseofspoon for christmas dinner again this year so i can wear comfy slippers while rushing about pouring drinks, stirring bubbling pots of polenta and checking on the marinaded beef in the oven (we're having a traditional italian christmas dinner this year!) and and so obviously i needed a christmassy pair!! Pattern is as before, see the original post with link to the pattern. And again i used upholstery suede for the sole. seeing the pictures i think they look a little boring...perhaps they need a little holly branch on the top or something?...hmmm


Gil said...

we're have beef and what-now? haha I trust Dario's incredible cooking but do expect turkey in some form this year :P ... Boxing Day will do

Ah!! I LOVE Christmas! 29 days to go!!

lyds said...

I'm looking forward to the christmas dinner this year simply because it's NOT turkey! I will have plenty before and after the 25th so something new will be most welcome on the actual day!

LittleMissPoog said...

christmas slippers - useful and cheeful. is there any better combo? cant wait to have my own pair to slip into