Monday, 23 November 2009

Banana Buns!

So another thing that poog loves is banana...i remember she used to buy banana sweets, banana milk (ewww!), chocolate covered jelly bananas (double ewww!)

So i had to incorporate some banana snacks in there somewhere...was totally out of ideas having found no palatable banana recipes until i came across one on apparently jessie's cute cupcake and craft blog for banana caramel cupcakes. Thanks for the inspiration! Here's the result...

SuperD is loving them...i made several hundred (or thereabouts...) and he has decided that it is his breakfast food of choice from now on!!

On a related's a pic of my beautiful new cake stand getting some traybake action at the party!! Thanks D!!


eleonora said...

ci mancate tanto tanto tantooooo!!!! =)

Gil said...

mmmm buns - so tastey, well baked honey! Gotta say I'm on your side re. gross banana flavoured stuff!!

*shudder* the rest of the buns rocked though! And I'm sure the cupcakes were delectable to everyone banana-friendly! :)

lyds said...

The fifteens were my favourite and I remember that I ate 3 and then took 6 home, 4 of which I ate, because Pil doesn't like nuts!! Ha Ha. Yum Yum!

LittleMissPoog said...

i loved the millionaire shortbread it was delish!! but the banana buns rocked both in terms of taste - yummy; and presentation - the best looking buns ever!! i love me some bananas