Wednesday, 18 November 2009


So i saw in a material advert that someone had made an ice-skate for a little girl's room and i thought how cute would that be done in christmas-style hanging over my fireplace?!

I made these life-size, so that if my feet get cold on some december evening spent munching and chatting by the fire, i can whip these down and put them on!! YAY!

Like the pom-pom buttons??!
I made the blades out of a double layer of white felt and double layer of interfacing on the inside.
I had to do a Miss Santa version....could've done with using a less shaggy fur...or maybe i'll just give these a haircut!!


eleonora said...

che belli!!!sono davvero graziosissimi!!!!è già Natale in Irlanda??XD XD (= (=

Gil said...

hahaha are you planning to skate around or something?? That's a gorgeous design spoon, but maybe just decorative?!
Or for 'feet up' occasions :)

Any chance you'd make me a Mrs Santa costume this year? I'll commission material!? hehe

lyds said...

Those are beautiful Spoon! Are you taking these to your craft day? They'd sell a treat! It's about time the old traditional christmas stocking had a rival!!
Whatever Next!xox

LittleMissPoog said...

I ADORE these skating stockings so festive and cosy!! Make sure you keep a good hold on them otherwise I might grab a pair and skate away...