Monday, 28 September 2009

ooh!! at the office 3

This is the 3rd in the series (see ooh!! at the office 1 & ooh!! at the office 2) Again i am keen to get rid of the long sleeves for something a bit lighter.

Just as with number 2, I removed the sleeves, split them down the seam and cut out 2 sections 3"x15". These were hemmed along one long edge with a double seam (ie, fold in 0.25" and then again, then sew seam so the rough edge is rolled inside). I then cut 2 more sections 2"x15, and hemmed the outer edge in the same way. Then i laid the short piece on top of the long piece, rough edges together. Then sew two lines of stitches along this rough edge, very close together - leave the loose threads at beginning and end. Then pull the loose ends of the threads and gather the edge up to measure about 10", then secure these with knots, as before.

I sewed this in place and serged around the inner rough edges. So this version has a little double frill.
Again i had to take in the edges as this one was super blousey too.

Hehe the double frill is so whimsical...i love it! I might just abort this series and do all the rest of the shirts in this's my favourite so far!!
And this is it all dressed up and ready to work!! FUN!!
So i've only: yellow, pink, pale blue, bright blue, lilac, black and dark brown to go....any suggestions as to variations?? I'm thinking pleated cap sleeve, puff sleeve, and pleated frill...any others??


Gil said...

How pretty is that?!?!

Loved the last one too - couldn't choose a tie so I decided not to comment! :P

Fabulous effect, and you can buy cheap and nasty and make them lovely!


LittleMissPoog said...

sooo gorgeous, exactly what Office-Manager-Barbie would wear to work. too cute... and way to many other colours just to keep them all to yourself, you have shirtless sisters you know - share the love! and the shirts!!

lyds said...

They are gorgeous and turned out well. The pink one is soo good. You've also got a shirtless Mama willing to take all that comes her way.

Gil said...

tweeet tweeeow! put your clothes on girls! haha - and june: I know you hate doing the same project twice but share the craft or don't make us jealous! hehehe
love love!