Monday, 30 March 2009

it's still furrr-eeezing outside!

so im going to a family wedding on friday in the most beautiful outfit known to man (..believe me, i've done the research!), but i have a small problem as the outfit is strapless, and IT IS STILL FRRREEEZING here.....mild springtime weather where are you???!!!

The outfit is too formal for a cardigan and too much fun for a formal then i thought...a mini FUR!!! Only problem is, that it's springtime in the shops (if not outside) and i couldn't get anything for under £90.

...that is, until i made one myself!!!! I used plush black faux fur (cost me about £5) i think and bonded black silky fabric onto the underside. I then just turned over the fur edges and hemmed to the bonded silk piece.

This is a pic of the underside, although obviously it's not supposed to be shown when wearing it!

yippee! i <3 dressing up!!


lyds said...

Very chic, love the buttons. Looking forward to seeing you wear it with your outfit!

Gil said...

how glam! I'm using a table runner :D it looks great though!