Saturday, 30 May 2009

heavenly view

No..this picture of SuperD about to cut his hand off is not the "heavenly view"....why is he cutting little pieces of wood in half?? make these of course!! Now why is he doing this?.....
To make this of course!! (is this getting annoying yet?!) And what is this??....well open it up and see!
aaaaaaaaaah (cue angel voices)...It's poog's grandparents-in-law's farmhouse in La France, as painted by lil'pil.
I love this frame it's so individual...check out the little shutter fixings that SuperD made...cute!!


LittleMissPoog said...

this is my most favouritest of all Super D's artisan pieces (and not just because it is mine - mwhahaha)but it is just so beatuiful in the flesh - so to speak. and all the little fastenings and latches that D made are so whimsical and authentic at the same time - i squeek with joy every time i see it, at pride of place at the top of my stairs - i even moved a wedding present to showcase the handiwork of my fantabulous family - artistic excellent by Pill and woodcraft wizardry by D - he really is a super-hero!!!!

lyds said...

This certainly is a most fantastic picture frame. Just like a window where there wasn't any and a lovely scene where there isn't one! It's a world of pretend. If you had more of these you think of whatever you wished to look at, open that particular frame and hey presto you are there! Wonderful!

Gil said...

wow! seriously impressed at the innovation there!! so fantastic, you couldn't get a more appropriate frame for that picture!
Thanks for making -what was in my opinon- a flat picture into a window to france!
love love