Monday, 11 May 2009

sewing machine sleeping bag

Well my poor little sewing machine friend was most offended by some remarks that i made in a previous post (although goodness knows how she found out...unless there's something illicit going on with her and the laptop!! oo!!)....well anyway she threatened a strike and we can't have that, soooooo I decided to make her something special!

She gets pretty chilly in the sewing room on those cold nights when i've been dragged kicking and screaming from the house, being forced to attend some social event or some irritating language night class, so i made her a little sleeping bag!

This is the first project that I have used free-motion-quilting, at which i am an abject beginner (obviously) I'm satisfied by the way it turned out, but will add that there is distinct "room for improvement".

The embroidery was fun on the butterfly and the little machine applique. I apologise for the bad lighting in the photos, it was absolutely LASHING with rain outside so the natural light coming in the window was an absolute minimum!!

"So what do you think sewing machine??.....sewing machine???......."

Oh right.....emmm.....she seems to have dropped off....lets just leave her to it, ok?...shhhh!!


lyds said...

This cover has turned out beautifully. I think your quilting is superb, you must have been dizzy beyond belief after wending your way round that wiggly, wriggly path...were your eyes not crossed over or squinty after doing that? It fits like a dream - even a place for the cable! You think of everything. Well done! Mxox.

Gil said...

Epic embroidery, really really professional looking - how were you bothered to put the thread and everything into the picture of the machine?!

... looks cosy on a rainy night! :P

Christy said...

Miss sewing machine is happy! That's the prettiest sewing machine cozy i've ever seen! Excellent job!

Polka Dot Daze said...

That's so gorgeous! Just found your blog - and following you!

Anne said...

Seriously impressed June!!!!

Where do you find the time?