Sunday, 10 May 2009

welcome elton!

So it was a monkey-loving friend's birthday....what to make?..what to make?...obviously it had to be a sock monkey!! They are everywhere!!!

To me all stuffed toys should be male but it became a little awkward because this sock monkey was decidedly PINK! It was only when i had sewed on and stared deep into his crazy button eyes that it all became clear......he had to be called Elton!! (hence the label by his tail)

I mean...what else could i call him with those sunglasses? lol

(Thanks to mamma for the dodgy wig....she doesn't believe in baldy monkeys!!!


lyds said...

He's really gorgeous and cute! The way he's holding out his arms is just begging to be lifted and cuddled! I think he'll be happy in his new home! Those eyes say it all!
PS Any more in the pipeline? Monkeys do have cousins you know, and I DON'T mean people!!
PPS I don't know whether he matches or clashes with the wallpaper!!...matches I think! xox

Gil said...

hahahaha! that's the craziest monkey - I totally couldn't work out the first photo but got it when I saw the whole picture!

hehe - DEFINTIELY an Elton creation...

ah pangs for my lovely room, long time no see stripey wallpaper!

love him!

Christy said...

super cute and soooo adorable!