Tuesday, 12 May 2009

jewellery tools wrap

with little poog becoming all craftalicious i had to amend the crochet tools wrap to fit her jewellery pliers and knives etc so she can travel with craft everywhere she goes on her very special adventures. I recognise that the picture would be a lot more instructive if the tools were actually inside the wrap, buuuut i got fed up waiting for her to have time to come craft with me and decided to go ahead a post it empty anyway!!
It fits 3 pairs of pliers, a scalpel (what does she use this for??!!), a teaspoon (again...weird) and the paper tape measure fits in the elastic straps at the top.

All rolled up and ready to go!


LittleMissPoog said...

I LOVE ITTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOWHOO!!!!! It looks fabio!!! Thank-you so so much!! I will take a photo of it full of all my lovely craft tools and give it to you (along with the pics of the christmas flowers that ive since...christams! - ops!!) and you can post it in all its crafty glory!!! Thanks a mill!! I'm currently working on a bead project and once it is done you can choose one of the pieces i have made - I also want to make something you design but i want to get a bit better first before i start commissioning pieces!!

lyds said...

Another work of art! Great idea and lovely material. Does this mean we all have a personalised tools wrap! We're so spoiled! Well done! Mxox.