Tuesday, 5 May 2009

hot little hands!

Get them while they're hot!!....ooops! too late...mamma already did!
No looking at the wonky stitching on the bias binding....HEY!...I SAID NO LOOKING!! The padding was so stiff that i couldn't sew them the right way up so instead had to kindof wedge them under the presser foot and push like mad to make the material move....hence the drunken stitching.
If you've ever tried to sew with my machine, you would sympathise with me. I love it but sometimes i want to heave it out the window, then run down the stairs and jump on the wreckage a couple of times. It has a mind of its own and has its own opinions about which direction to sew or whether to start munching fabric.....but i can't lie, i still love it!!


Gil said...

Ha ha, great imagery!

They look fab woon, love the heart detail anchoring the padding (I assume!)

coolioso!! xx

Anne said...

Another good job June - wobbly stitching just proves you're mortal like the rest of us.

lyds said...

...and mamma is enjoying them too so "hands off" any light fingered visitor!
MWA xox
PS they're perfectimundo!!

Christy said...

fabulous! I love your handiwork!