Sunday, 31 May 2009

sun cheater?..or just "cheater"!


Well i was so worried about posting the last of the May crafts before the end of May and before i ruined my nice even post record...when i remembered that you can set the date of posts after the i promptly went out in the camper with my family to the beach and decided to backdate this post!!

So in honour of cheating, I'm posting a sun-cheater or sun visor as we more often call them.

This type was supremely easy to make. I adapted the
pattern found at instructables because the scoop looked a little bit big and it didn't curve enough at the edges for me...i think i could even make the scoop a bit smaller still when i make it again.....

This will definitely be the first of many...i will probably want to customise the next ones with some text and applique...and probably a few sequins if i'm being honest!

Come on summer!!!!

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lyds said...

This one suits me to a T. I have the honour of owning the very first one. Practise on me anytime Spoon! Thanks and it does a great job of shading my eyes without sweating my head! Mxox