Sunday, 10 May 2009

lovely laundry

So apparently lil'pill is having to do her laundry in public! No, this is nothing to do with the airing of the scandalous secrets of her private life, i'm speaking literally here!
So what better place to store her corsets and frilly knickers that are en route to "washingtown" than a girly laundry bag with corsets and frilly knickers on it!

I used one-sided-waxy-chintz for the bag so that all those oily copa stains won't transfer to the bag and the sticky bits of barba-papa (of which i can only imagine that she still needs at least one a day) won't stick to the laundry sack!

(Sorry about the pics - severe lack of natural light that day!!!)


lyds said...

I was going to hold on to this very pretty item as it is already in my house but since I've no corsets or frilly knickers I suppose I'll just have to give it to she who does!!
PS I don't know if she qualifies, I'm only guessing!! xox

Gil said...


I had no idea that I was getting more presents!! Yippeeeeee!
It looks fab! And yes it is bound to be better than the dodgy Aldi bag I have been using - hehe!

Thank you thank you Woon!!
Whoop whoop!