Sunday, 31 May 2009

aprons for auction!

So our church was having an auction of promises on Saturday night to benefit the Rabboni Mercy Orphange in India which the church supports. People auctioned off gardening teams, a weekend in their holiday house, painting lessons etc. SuperD auctioned a 5-course traditional italian meal to be served at houseofspoon on the evening of the winner's choice and got £120 for it!!!
I donated 2 hand made aprons thinking maybe we'd get £10 or so for the pair....they sold for £45!!! I was really delighted and was so pleased that the work of an hour could have earned something for the orphanage!! YAY!!!
Here are "photos" of the aprons (yes i forgot to take photos (!!) but Microsoft Paint drawings of crafts are allowed on houseofspoon...they are, believe me..i checked the official houseofspoon rules and everything.)


LittleMissPoog said...

even though there aren't any actual pics of your aprons the CGI aprons (you're so technologically advanced)look very groovy and at £45 a pair i still think that's a steal!!! they are handcrafted - add an extra zero £450!! lol.
Good to see all your crafty talents are being put to good use!!!

lyds said...

Great idea! I'm glad you were able to recreate your aprons on computer, I was disappointed to have missed the real ones. Looking Good!! Well done. Mxox