Tuesday, 29 September 2009

bouncing baking balls!

I had a disaster last week...my baking stuff is kept in the highest cupboard in the kitchen, and it's a particularly deep cupboard, so i tend to have to balance tip-toeing on a stool, stretching madly to blindly rummage around at the back for whatever it is that i'm looking for. Inevitably i ALWAYS knock something out and it falls on the tiled floor below. Now when this is a packet of bun cases or sealed bag of raisins...that's no big crisis. However, when it is a box of silver balls for cake decorating...that's a different story. THEY WENT BOUNCING EVERYWHERE!!! I cleaned them up and i'm still finding them everywhere, a week later...groan.
"ENOUGH! SuperD help me, before it's red food colouring or 100s & 1000s that burst on the tiles!!!"
And he did!...look at the hearts and swirls!!! It's like it was designed for me...o wait, it was!
He loves that detailed hand-sawing!! lol
Isn't it cute?! Food colouring up top and all my baking notions and decorations in the bottles below (these were left over from my wedding invitations which were "message in a bottle" style!)
You will notice that many of the bottles are empty...that's because the boxes of stuff that was to fill them were dropped from the cupboard and burst on the floor!!


Gil said...

Lovely spice rack! Where does he get all the wood for these projects? Tell me you're buying nice stuff - it looks great, I have no idea how he manages such detail with a big clumsy saw!?


LittleMissPoog said...

wow - just wow, seriously invest in some home-safety, anti-burglar (weird spelling - i always thought it was burg-u-lar?!) devices as this baby is absolutely going to get stolen... by me... next time I'm at your house. BECAUSE IT IS DIVINE!!!!!!!!!! and all the little bottles will mysteriously poog off too, must be off delivering messages somewhere very far away (ie - MY house!!!!!!) just a friendly warning!

lyds said...

OK Poog you pinch it and I'll mug you on your way home!! Ha Ha! The lengths we ordinary folks have to go to get a bit of craft in our homes too. SuperD has hit the jackpot once again! What a guy!! xox