Monday, 28 September 2009

happy housewife cookies!

So a friend from my church is getting married and i was invited to a breakfast party which marked the beginning of her hen-day - a day full of bride-to-be style fun. Not knowing her style in homeware and knowing that she doesn't yet have a house and therefore has nowhere to store big bulky pressies...i decided to go with something she could use up and not have to store!!

Taking the idea from Bakerella i decided to go for fancy cookie mix!!This turned out to be a successful pressie as she seemed really excited to try them! This photo was taken after the trip in the car with "the italian" driving..hence some of the ingredients are beginning to blend of their own accord!!
I really recommend this one for a little pressie, and it was actually really fun to make up!

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lyds said...

That is the best idea ever for a lovely present! All those colours of the Smarties add a lot too! It's brilliant! super job! xox